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While vacationing in LA, Yvonna decided to do an engagement session (unbeknownst to her fiance, Nickola). BTW, they’re getting married in their native country of Indonesia. What a cool idea!  I suggested Venice Beach, and the thought of canals came to mind.  So off we went and spent a perfect sunny Southern California day at the beach. 

I brought along my newly acquired Fuji GA645 to a recent engagement shoot at Venice Beach. I really wanted to know what this thing can do and to see the results of its much hyped about sharp lens. I tell ya, I was blown away. What I love about this camera is that it’s a medium format point & shoot. Large negative for a such a small camera. It’s auto everything, auto exposure, auto focus, auto winder, with even a very useful built-in flash. It’s a fantastic street photography camera. It’s a breeze to approach people with because it’s got a relatively unobtrusive lens yet it can capture with sharp details. Plus, it’s a rangefinder so it’s easy to hand hold under low lighting. It’s fun to use to say the least but it’s gonna come in handy in dark murky ball rooms or dance halls. Sweet!