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Engagement Session on the Santa Monica Pier with Ferris Wheel in background

Pacific Wheel Ferris Wheel on Santa Monica Pier

Bubba Gump Shrimp California

Of course we love it when my work gets published. And we love it even more when someone emails from across the globe saying that they’re interested in printing our work in their magazine! Now that’s flattering. So this post goes to Catherine Johnson of Wedding Magazine from across the pond. Thank you very much for connecting! We are honored and delighted.

Jenny and Gray wedding featured on Wedding Flowers & Accessories

I love nature. I photograph it any chance I get. Being in Southern California we really don’t get a lot of snow except in the mountains. But still, it hasn’t snowed often enough there either. So on this particular day, I got a treat while visiting Mt. Baldy to see snow, I snapped a few rolls with my GA645. Craving fulfilled.