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How fantastic is this issue?! Grazing the pages of issue number three, is our collaboration between Twine Events and Oak and the Owl. A shoot that inspires us to rethink the getting ready aspect of every wedding. A gracious thank you to Kate Holland, the editor of Magnolia Rouge for featuring our work. We couldn’t be happier. We love you Kate! And without further ado, here is issue no.3:

The wedding of Susan and Alan, surprisingly, did not take place in Napa, nor Sonoma nor Santa Barbara. It wasn’t even a winery. It was held a the beautiful Turnip Rose Promenade & Gardens in Costa Mesa. Right alongside the venue, just a walk, skip and a hop away, is a lovely vineyard perfect for formals for the soon-to-be married couple. And a perfect place for their first meet. I could tell the tension building up as we were ready to photograph Alan seeing Susan for the first time in her gown. The long narrow isles of grapevines made for a long, anxious walk but as the two meet, nothing but smiles came upon them. And like the light scattered scene of green, silver and white, so too was Susan and Alan’s chosen color palette. And the design elements were sprinkled in natural woods and burlap that gave the wedding a touch of rustic. Lastly, a twist in tradition–a ribbon bouquet toss. In fact this was the first I’ve seen this happen where the bride holds the bouquet surrounded with lines of ribbons, but only one lucky single lady wins the prize.

Vendors for this wedding:

Venue: Turnip Rose Promenade & Gardens – www.turniprose.com
Makeup: Joyce Luck Style – www.joyceluckstyle.com