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A former student of UCLA, Stacy knew where to go for their engagement session – right on the quad next to Royce Hall.  It’s spacious, green, and what looked like a popular hangout.  We brought a big bag of goodies of colorful fun stuff to celebrate Summer.  What better way to do it with old fashion soda-pop, colorful suckers, hats, and funky glasses.  Just add grass, trees, and sun and we have the ingredients for a fun Summer engagement session.  And with just one more added touch.  We included an old film camera just because it’s so chic.  With digital cameras so ubiquitous, an old Nikon F3 film camera is so refreshing to see.  By the way, I got this camera from eBay for $250 and it works perfectly.

Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer bottle looks so old-fashioned, I couldn’t resist adding this to our shoot.  Plus it really went well with the mini picnic table stand.

Ah so nostalgic.  Film couldn’t be more chic with a Nikon F3.

John looks like a pro with that old Nikon SLR.

Stacy and John brought along some cowboy hats and I thought, whoa there!  Howdy cowfolks!  Let’s use them under them trees over yonder.