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Mazel tov to Shayna and Arthur on their nuptial at the Beverly Hilton. One of the most festive rituals I’ve ever seen in my entire wedding photography career. This one tops the list for sure. Shayna is an actress, and for those who don’t know, she played Marina on The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.  A very talented actress but also a musician and song writer as well.  Arthur is a screenwriter and if you’re one of the generations whose eyes are fixated on iCarly, Victorious, and other shows on Nickelodeon then chances are you’ve seen some of his episodes.  The guy is witty and funny.
Where do I start? Oh yeah, the Tisch. The Tisch is where the men gather in one room for prayers and toasts and well wishes. So it goes like this, first theres a bit of prayer, then some singing, add a little drinking and walla! the Tisch!  Of course that’s not all.  The men put on these felt round hats (I think it’s called a Samet) complete with long curly locks and parade down the corridors of the Beverly Hilton to meet and “veil” the bride. This all takes place right before the actual ceremony.  And at the ceremony under a decorated Chuppah, Shayna and Arthur gave their vows. At the reception, Sam Glaser was there to reign in the festivities with his signing of traditional Jewish celebration songs including “Hava Nagila” for which Shayna took to the stage to dance. The rest is history and what happened next, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Apologies, but I couldn’t help myself.

Vendors for this wedding
Venue: Annette Zeller of The Beverly Hilton The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills
Coordinator: Heather Schertz of OCD Events
Makeup: Wendy Weiss of Make Up Basix
Hair: Troy Penn of Troy Penn
Florals: Shawna Yamamoto
Reception Band and Ceremony Instrumentalists: Randy Stern from de Bois Entertainment
Singer: Sam Glaser
Photography: Desi Baytan Photography