Children’s Portraits –

I had Zoe and her little sister over my studio for a children’s portrait session. This super cute duo really showed their sisterly love as they settled in and made my studio their play room. I love doing children’s portraits because kids do the darndest things that adults wouldn’t normally do, like dress-up and wear princess outfits. Zaley, the younger one, was a great conversationalist. While we talked about her favorite colors and toys and TV shows, she was at ease while I photographed her just being herself. When it was time to change outfits, she showed off her Cinderella slippers which she aptly called “Bella”. Short for Cinderella. Overall, parents were happy as they looked on with delight. Oh, and the kids definitely had tons of fun too. To see more Children’s Portraiture or Family Portraiture, visit my website at

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